About ATS company

ATS platform providing customers free access to AI based trading technologies, stable and secure deals.

High Dividends For Every Client

When the company has been created, the main goal was to achieve the maximum level of the services efficiency and products that our clients can use. Therefore, conditions were created that attracted the best programmers, traders and analytical forecasters, whose joint work led to the emergence of the ATS-bot automatic trading program, which became the basis for successful deals that bring profit to our investors. ATS Corporation is registered in the United States but has a branch in the United Kingdom. We are an international company both in composition and in spirit. We are ready for new discoveries, follow the trends of automatic cryptotrading and are always ready to provide our clients with the best products and services that provide them with the maximum profit from their investments.

ATS Company: Business Legality

ATS platform follow tax requirements, financial and economic legislation of USA and EU. Main company registered in Seattle, USA. Branch company registered in London, UK. Our team guarantees reliability, social security, financial stability and the completeness of mutually beneficial cooperation between the parties.


UBI Number: 605 277 429
Capital: 186 000 000 USD

Office address
1420 5th Ave Seattle WA 98101-4087
+1 206 456 7005
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Company Number: 14948603
Capital: 150 000 000 GBP

Office address
33 Cavendish Square London England W1G 0PW
+44 20 8040 0522
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Our mission

We provide our clients with the maximum opportunity to use our products freely for consistently high profits in accordance with the choosed deals and thus strive to create a highly secure online social structure in which everyone will find the right own path to prosperity and well-being.

Top safety

When ATS Corporation used the best capabilities to secure databases and financial transactions.


A quick searching for legal information on a unique identifier in the international global database Dun & Bradstreet to confirm the business reputation of ATS Corporation as a business entity.

SSL encrypted

The maximum level of data protection exchanged by ATS clients on our website using SSL encryption, the technology of which we acquired from one of the world leaders in the release of such cybersecurity products.

Dedicated server

The impossibility of outside interference of third parties in the arrays of information and databases stored on the server of the company’s website, and the complete protection of all the website components and client’s databases from DDoS attacks and other malicious interventions. Status: Live