Frequently Asked Questions

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AUTOMATIC TRADING SYSTEMS has received state registration in two countries: the United States and the United Kingdom. But at the same time, the right to perform commercial operations around the world, providing financial statements of its activities in accordance with the legal norms of the jurisdiction of the United States and Great Britain. You can find out more about the company in the “About ATS company” sections.

How is the process of a profit making for the company and investors?

The declared profit on our deals is the result of the actual operation of ATS bots automatic trading systems developed by our company and using Artificial Intelligence at the concluding trading deals on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world in real time. For more information on the profit generating process and the overall company strategy, please refer to “About ATS company”, “Our business” and “ATS deals”.

How do I use the company’s website?

The website was created to familiarize investors with our activities, to receive some consultations, general and technical organization of the investment process and financial transactions, to provide technical and up-to-date information support to our investors and to provide other functions related to the main ones that improve and facilitate the process of cooperation with us.

How safe is it to use the company’s website?

Our web security specialists have developed and implemented a number of effective measures that make the use of the site absolutely safe both in terms of the safety of transmitted data and in terms of countering malware, including phishing. In addition, the most modern servers are used, which do not allow influencing the stable operation of the site by DDoS attacks.

How to register on the company’s website?

To register on the website of our company, you need to go through a quick and simple registration procedure. Click on “Sign Up” on the main page of the company’s website and then follow the intuitive step-by-step recommendations of the system.

Can I create multiple accounts?

Theoretically, there is such a possibility. But only provided that you do not use all these accounts in transactions. It is allowed to have an active transaction or transactions exclusively on one account, and such an account is called “active”. It will remain “active” even if all deals created with this account have expired. Therefore, we do not recommend creating more than one account in the program, since if you find out that you are using more than one active account, the use and access to all your accounts will be suspended.

At the registering, I provided information about my personal data. How safe is it to do that?

We guarantee the confidentiality of any information you provide. Including personal information, payment information, name, E-mail and any other personal information. You can find out more about the terms and performance of your privacy obligations provided by investors of the personal data company by reading the “Terms & Conditions” section.

What kind of deals have the company implemented?

We offer several investment deal options for all investors. You can learn more about it by reading the “ATS deals” section.

What payment systems does the company’s program work with?

To date, the company proposes to enter into deals using the following electronic payment systems: Bank Wire (USD, EUR, GBP), BTC, Tether, TRC20/BSC20/ERC20. In addition, the following will be available in the very near future: ETH, BNB, TRX, DOGE, XRP.

How can I fill the balance using the direct Bank transfer?

Login on your personal cabinet. Choose the deposit option, find the Bank Wire button. Then following the instructions, transfer the amount you chose to the Business account of Automatic Trading Systems Limited company.
You will receive money on balance in 24 hours after your transfer will be completed. Be patient, sometimes it takes up to 5-7 working days, but usually much faster.

What if I don’t have an account and wallet in any of the electronic payment systems with which the company offers to invest?

We recommend to register an account and create a wallet in at least one of the above electronic payment systems and, using authorized online exchange resources, top up it with the amount that you plan to invest in the program of our company.

How do I create a deal?

If you are already a registered user, log in to the company’s website using your username and password. Then, in the “Open New Deal” section, indicate the amount you intend to invest, select the deposit currency (electronic payment system) and click on “Next”. Next, just follow the instructions of the system.

How long will it take to activate a deposit?

Activation of your transaction will be completed after receiving confirmation of your payment from the blockchain system. As practice shows, activation does not take more than 30 minutes.

Is there an early termination option?

Any transaction entered into by any investor with the company cannot be terminated early.

How is profit accrued?

The income from your investments is credited by the system to the balance of your account and is available for withdrawal to your wallet at any time.

Profit accrued daily?

There are options for deals in which profits are accrued daily. However, there are also options for deals, when you can make a profit at the end of the term. Read more, please, in the section “ATS deals”.

How long does it take for the money earned to my wallet after creating a payment request get?

Requests for funds withdrawal can be processed for up to 24 hours. This may be primarily due to the inability to make payments without a complete system security check.

What is the minimum investment amount?

Bank Wire: 500$
Bitcoin, Tether TRC20, Tether ERC20, Tether BEP20: 20$

What is the maximum investment amount?

Since we do not limit the number of deals concluded by any client, then, accordingly, there are no restrictions on the maximum possible amount of investment.

What is the minimal amount I may withdraw?

Bank Wire: 300$
Bitcoin: 20$
Tether TRC20: 5$
Tether ERC20: 5$
Tether BEP20: 1$

Is there any additional fees or hidden payments in the program?

The company does not charge any additional fees or hidden payments from its customers for either replenishing the balance or withdrawing funds. Only the most transparent business relationships.

Can I get an additional deal to an existing one?

Since each of your investments is a final and completed transaction, it is impossible to add money to the already activated transaction. However, you can always get another extra deal. Or a few deals, if you like. And in this case, all accruals, payments and statistics on transactions by the site system will be processed separately.

At the registering, I mistakenly entered an incorrect wallet number. How can I edit it?

Yes, you can change your payment information yourself after you complete the registration process. To make changes to your payment data, you must log into your own personal account and make these changes in your personal account in the corresponding section.

I want to change the E-mail I specified at the registration. How can I do that?

You cannot change your email address after you complete the registration process.

What are the opportunities for additional earnings in the company?

The company’s business management has developed a referral program that provides ample opportunities for additional earnings. Structurally, the company’s referral program is divided into two types, each of which you can read about in the “Career in ATS” section.

How to invite referrals in order to take advantage of the company’s referral offers?

To invite new members to the company program, use your referral link. When using your referral link to register an account with new users, the newly created accounts are automatically assigned as your referrals. And thus, you will be able to receive partner rewards for deposits made by your referrals.

What is the “referral link”?

This is a unique identifier that records on the Internet all registrations made during transitions using this particular “url”. Thus, any user who used your referral link during registration becomes your referral forever.

What does “a referral” mean?

This is a user of the website, a client of the company, who registered an account using your referral link for this.

At the depositing, my referral used the BTC electronic payment system. In what system currency can I receive a partner reward for this deposit?

All referral rewards are awarded automatically. Accordingly, the system automatically determines the currency in which you will be awarded a partner reward by charging in a currency similar to that used by your referral in this investment deal. Please note that if your account does not contain the payment data of the electronic payment system, according to which you are awarded partner remuneration, the system will not be able to pay funds to your wallet due to its physical absence in the system database. Therefore, we recommend adding new payment details to your account in a timely manner, or write all wallets at once when registering proactively.

I don’t have an active deposit. Do I have the opportunity to earn money by inviting new members?

The company has created a referral program under which each client of the company has the right to receive partner reward, regardless of whether he has an active deposit in the program or not. Read more, please, in the “Career in ATS” section.

What promotional materials are available to use to familiarize yourself with the company’s membership program?

In addition to the referral link, you can use banners. You can find banners in the "Promotional Materials" section.

I forgot my password to log in to my account. What should I do?

To restore your password for authorization on the company’s website, use the password recovery form located here. At the same time, we strongly recommend that you record and store your authorization data in a safe place to avoid difficulties with logging into the company’s website.

Should I pay taxes on the money I earned in the company?

We are an officially incorporated company and operate in strict compliance with US and UK financial law. At the same time, we cannot influence your decisions and assure you that all the necessary tax, fiscal and license obligations have already been paid in full for the money that we pay as interest charges on your transactions. In addition, we do not disclose details of our interaction with any of our customers. Therefore, the issue of paying taxes is solely the prerogative and interpretation of the legislation of the country of residence of each client.

What is your customer support schedule?

If you use a feedback form to contact our support team, this customer support option is available 24/7. Specify the support schedule for other communication channels directly upon request.

What if I have not found an answer to my question in this section, or the interpretation of the information read in this section (or any other section) causes me certain difficulties?

There are several ways to seek advice, help and support from us! Take advantage of any of the opportunities provided by the company at any time, but taking into account the support schedule. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and will help you to understand any difficult situation as soon as possible.

Do you have fixed or floating crypto currencies rate on your platform?

On the ATS platform, all crypto has a fixed rate. This means that our clients don't care about the actual rate. They deposit at the fixed rate and withdraw at the same rate. And don't care about crypto pumping or dumping. Your profit rate is 100% protected by ATS.

1 Bitcoin = 27000$.
1 Ethereum = 2000$.
1 BNB = $250

Why should I send you Bitcoin for 27000$ if it costs 37000$?

We use a fixed rate because we cannot be sure how much Bitcoin will cost in the future. You deposit with the fixed rate of $27000 and withdraw profit with the same $27000 rate. This protects your income 100% guaranteed.

No worries. Deposit and withdraw at the same rate.

Career in ATS

The company’s strong business position at the trading services market and well-earning investors are the links of one chain and the more long-term and strong this connection will be, the better it will be for everyone who participates in this process of mutual cooperation and profit obtaining.