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ATS Corporation Digest #2

Published: Nov-25-2023 08:28:05 PM Allan Walker's latest ATS digest provides the following key updates:

Localized Marketing and Agent Program: November's marketing efforts targeted local communities, with the launch of Telegram groups for customers in France, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India. The Agent program also received focus.

Language-specific ATS Presentation: Customers can now download the ATS presentation in their native language directly from the platform's main page.

Regulatory Meeting and Bank Wire Deposits: ATS had a recent meeting with US regulators regarding customers' bank wire deposits. Due to local laws in Washington, necessitating audits for bank wires, ATS decided to return all deposits promptly to avoid customer delays. The company apologizes for any inconvenience.

Trust and Google Business Rating: The Google Business rating for ATS has reached the maximum five stars, reflecting customer trust. The company expresses gratitude for the feedback received.

Platform Updates: Continuous improvements include the upcoming addition of Ethereum with a fixed rate, a new banner pack in personal accounts, the ability for clients to upload avatars, and internationally approved token numbers for investment contracts.

Safety and Compliance: The message emphasizes that customer deposits are safe and protected by US law.

Call to Action: The digest encourages users to vote for ATS on Google Business, join the Agent program, and take advantage of the platform's market-leading Profit and Loss (PNL). The sign-off reinforces the message that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future.

In summary, the digest provides a comprehensive update on ATS's recent activities, improvements, and encourages user engagement with the platform.

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By: Adam Campbell

ATS accepts Ethereum

Published: Nov-22-2023 06:49:20 PM Now you can join any ATS deal using Ethereum.

Ethereum offers unique opportunities and advantages that make it one of the most attractive projects in the world of cryptocurrencies. Smart contracts, decentralization, flexibility, and the development of new technologies position Ethereum as a leading force in the cryptocurrency industry.

Fixed rate for 1 ETH is 2000$.
So your total profit is guaranteed and doesn't depend on market volatility.
By: Adam Campbell

ATS Corporation Digest #1

Published: Nov-2-2023 08:50:23 PM This News Digest from Allan Walker, a representative of ATS Corporation, provides updates and announcements about their AI trading platform. Here's a brief summary:

Media Coverage: ATS Corporation is excited to announce favorable reviews in leading media outlets, including Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, Herald Port, and Benzigna.

Google Validation: The company successfully applied for a Google corporate account and received endorsement from a Google representative who visited their Seattle office. Users can now leave feedback about ATS on Google Maps and TrustPilot.

ATS Agent Status: Partners can now complete a simple form to attain ATS Agent status, which comes with higher commission rates and special preferences.

Easy Start Program: ATS has introduced the Easy Start program, offering cash bonuses for cooperation. Users can invite acquaintances and apply for money, but they should be careful to select the correct level, as only one Easy Start Bonus can be received. This offer is available until December 25th.

Closing Remarks: The digest concludes by encouraging readers to explore the latest ATS press releases, vote for their Google Business, become an agent, and receive their Easy Bonus funds, emphasizing that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future.

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By: Adam Campbell

ATS Agents & Easy Start Programmes

Published: Nov-1-2023 12:22:50 AM We are pleased to announce the International Agents Programme of ATS Corporation. You can fill the form and get extra privileges:
- 8%-4%-3%-2%-1% Affiliate Commission;
- Addition to the agents list with your personal invitation link;
- Invitation to the private ATS Agents group;
- Special offers and bonuses;
- VIP offline meetings.

Want to be a part of a strong company?
Fill out the simple form on this page.

Easy Start Programme

Every day we colleсt 30-50 orders for the paid ads.
Thank you for your interest in our platform. We respect your business and every offer.

Instead of paying for all applications indiscriminately, we are announcing a simple and fair advertising payment programme. You invite new customers, and order a really big bonus on your wallet. You choose the size of the bonus, based on your skills. You can only order this bonus once.

Easy Start Offer

If you want to get 100$/1000$/5000$ before you start - no problem. We are ready to pay any money, but only for honest work and good results. Show your professionalism, and choose the size of your bonus yourself. Only honest cooperation leads to fantastic success.
By: Adam Campbell

ATS Google Business account

Published: Oct-23-2023 04:35:16 PM In September, our company applied for approval for a Google corporate account. A couple weeks ago, a Google agent visited our Seattle office. He took a few photos, had two cups of cappuccino and wished us all the best.

As a result, we were approved for a corporate account. Preparing a team photo set in our office. Now our clients can easily find the office, leave a review and write feedback.

ATS Google Business

Also, TrustPilot raised our account to Verified Company status. Don't forget to write a review about working with the project:

TrustPilot Reviews
By: Adam Campbell

Good news for Chinese speaking clients

Published: Oct-7-2023 07:49:07 PM We know that every culture has its own unique characteristics and traditions. At this stage, we have a lot of customers from China coming to us. To better answer your questions and effectively help you earn with the platform, we have created a Telegram group for clients from China.

Telegram chat

The moderators of the new chat room will help you and answer all your questions.

We also receive a lot of requests to advertise the project from Chinese Youtubers and Influencers. Very soon we will offer in the chat rooms an effective scheme to start working with our project for all comers. The number of places will be limited, stay tuned.

Join Chinese speaking Telegram chat.
By: Adam Campbell

ATS Corporation mission

Published: Aug-16-2023 10:02:09 PM Hello and welcome to the ATS platform.

You should know, that trading is a hard way to make easy money.
Following the global statistics, only 3%-4% of whole traders had stable positive PNL from month to month. Emotions such as greed and fear destroyed thousands of capitals.
Automatic trading bots trading emotionless. But such algorithms are not flexible enought, and loosing too much money when the market changes. The key to success is the combining AI technologies and automatic trading.

The company Automatic Trading Systems Limited incorporated in USA, with main office based in Seattle. ATS trading AI algorithms were audited and approved by US validators.
You may fill your balance by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance coin. Or using direct Bank transfer to our Business accounts in dollars, euro or pounds.

Register on, choose your deal and feel the power of AI trading.
By: Adam Campbell

GBP/EUR/USD Bank Transfer payments

Published: Aug-3-2023 10:05:02 PM Our english branch company Automatic Trading Systems Limited successfully passed the complex audit. Our AI algorithms, trading systems, security and legality was approved by UK auditors.

As a result our customers from Europe may fill their balances using the direct GBP, EUR or USD transfer to our corporate bank accounts. Every customer should sign the online contract with the ATS company before entering the first deal. That's a very simple action on your personal cabin.

If you have any questions, just write to our professional and friendly support.
You will get the right answer and help surely.
By: Adam Campbell

Branch office in London, UK

Published: Jun-22-2023 10:00:05 AM Following the requests from european customers ATS platform registered the branch company in England. Main office open it's doors on August '23 in London, 33 Cavendish Square.

UK company details (for contracts):

Company Number 14948603
CAPITAL 150 000 000

GB Companies House: Check

ALso we are working with the UK validators for the complex company audition.
All AI trading algorithms are stable and secure. Sign up and choose your deal.
Try the new opportunities of the Artificial Intelligence.
By: Adam Campbell